I wrote this short story a while back. It is about a teacher & how her 'out of the world' beliefs make her different & help her students climb the ladder to success!


A thought-provoking talk

1 Rethoughts
God: Hey! What's up human?

Me: You!

God: That was the worst PJ I have ever heard!

Me: So, Aren't you in the sky? Have you shifted elsewhere?

God: Of course not. I was never in the sky! I live in you. I live in your friends. I live in whatever you have seen and are going to see in your life.

Me: So you are within me. Aren't you talking about soul and that sort of stuff?

God: Even I didn't know about soul! It is some philosopher's creation. There is nothing like soul. Have you ever seen energy?

Me: Never. But I can feel it.

God: Have you observed that when you are happy you feel energetic?

Me: yapp.

God: Have you noticed that energy dwells in your body as long as you live?

Me: yes.

God: So when you die, it is not soul, but energy which leaves your body!

Me: Are you energy?

God: You may say.

Me: What do you mean by I may say? Who are you exactly?

God: Do not be so impatient. Let the conversation flow as it is.

Me: Ok. But when we are sick, our energy level goes down! What happens in that case?

God: Mostly, sickness is self-imposed or created by your mind. You must have heard about Bathini brothers based-in Hyderabad, who cure Asthma by suggesting you to swallow live fish ! It is surprise for you that he has cured hundreds of patients, but not for me. Your mind trusts them because it knows that they have successfully cured many people. Mind is everything, my son. You are your mind. A person without mind is nothing! Mind is a very dangerous tool. If it is under your control then, it will make you successful. If it is out of control, It will destroy you. I have programmed your mind in that way.

Me: Don't you believe in science?

God: Hahaha... I was waiting for that question. See son, Science is a book. You know that average lifespan of a human being is seventy years. It is written there in the book of science. But who decided that lifespan? It is written in the book of science that a star lives for average 10 billion years. But, who decided that lifespan? You know all those laws, which are already there in the book of science. You people are actually exploring the science, not creating it. But, you must wonder about the creator of all those laws. I have written the book of science. You humans are just leafing through the book.

Me: But, religious books say something else.

God: I hate religious books. I have never written them. Even I have never read those book. Because I never created any of the religion.

Me: Who were Ram, Krishna, Jesus, Allah, Buddha and Mahavira?

God: They were not gods. They were true saints. They were the humans who intended to transform the way humans live. But they all miserably failed. They told you to have faith in me, but you all are madly worshiping idols and visiting temples, mosques, churches. You will find nothing there. Religions have become a profitable business.

Me: How am I supposed to live my life according to you?

God: That is where problem arises. You are asking others how to live. Find your own way. What is written in all the scriptures is not my decree. I am not here to guide humans. You people are like autonomous robots, of course better ones. You are not remote-controlled.

Me: Narsimha and Meera claimed that they had met Krishna. Were they wrong?

God: Hahaha.. Have you watched 'Lage raho munnabhai'? In that movie, Munna reads about Gandhi for three whole days without enough sleep and what happens? He ended up seeing Gandhi in front of him, which was illusion only. Some chemicals in his brain didn't serve properly after continuously reading about one person without enough sleep. While, Narsimha and Meera spent more than half life in devotion of Krishna, now you got it?

Me: oh! Now tell me who you are?

God: I am nothing. I am zero.

Me: Huhh? I didn't get it.

God: You will never get it. You have to reject all the conventional perceptions about me in order to get it. But, I can make it a little easier for you. Have you ever met a newly born child?

Me: Many times.

God: What does he know?

Me: He knows nothing.

God: It means he is zero! He is nothing. He even does not know that he is a human. He holds fraction of me. He is not egoistic. He doesn't care what you think. He would slap you if you behave wrongly. He is not foxy. But to his misfortune, He is brought up by the people, who lost me a long back! You spoil him and make him like you!

Me: I got you.

God: No. You still don't know me. You are using your logic to understand me. But, logic does not work everywhere. You must be knowing that logic doesn't work at nano-level. You also know that logic doesn't work in astrophysics. They have their own set of laws. Logic is only limited to earth,son.

Me: Ok, I will try my best to understand you.

God: It is not hard to understand me. Just do what you love and that will not be less than any kind of worship. Never hurt Humanity.

Me: Fine. Being a science-lover, I want to ask you a question.

God: Yes..

Me: Is there life on any other planet?

God: The answer is there in the book of science. You are turning over the pages. I am not done with writing. Every answer will lead to a question. That's what science is all about. You are asking an author to reveal the climax of his book. Better you turn the page and find the answer! Good bye human!


The 3rd monk

                          I stood at the corner of a very narrow road. As far as I could see, I only saw desert. Uninhabited area. It was only one road, sundering desert in two parts. I didn't know where I was. I expressed gratitude to the almighty, because I wasn't thirsty. I was a little perplexed. I hadn't seen this desert before. I started looking all around. Suddenly I saw a man coming towards me. He seemed to be a monk. Finally he approached me.

"Hi." I said.

"I am logic." The monk introduced himself.

"Who?" I couldn't get it. I mean he said he was logic!?

"Yes, Your perception says I can not be logic. right?" Logic said.

"Of course."I replied.

"I hardly match with perception. In most of the cases, perception has nothing to do with me." The monk said.

"Are you here to tell me all that?" I asked him.

"I am here to tell you that you should wait here. Any time a car can pass by. you can ask for lift." Logic said.

"But I....." He disappeared before I could tell him anything.

I stayed there, but another person showed up. He was too coming towards me. He was a monk too.

"Hello!" I welcomed.

"I am perception." He said.

"What? where am I? Why weird monks are approaching me?" I got a bit furious as well as confused.

"You are in a desert." He answered.

"That I can see." I told him.

"I am here to tell you that start looking for a water source in this desert, otherwise you won't survive." The perception said.

"Ok, but...." Before I could say anything he disappeared.

Now, I was about to leave road and start searching for water source, but another monk turned up. This time, I had made my mind to ask him all the questions. I wanted to know where I was!

"Hey, monk. Where am I?" I directly asked as he approached me.

" Let me introduce...."

"No, first answer my question. I know you are also going to disappear." I said.

"It's almost impossible. I can't disappear. I am here to stay with you forever." The monk explained.

"Who are you ,then?"I asked curiously.


"I am conscience. But I am often termed as 'heart'. You know all those 'follow your heart' kind of quotes? But, I tell you heart is only a pumping machine. When you talk about someone's heart, all you talk about is me." The monk said.

"Why are you here?"I asked.

"To tell you that follow this road. This road leads to a city." The conscience stated with a smile.

"But two monks, who approached me before you, suggested me different solutions. Logic said stay here. Perception suggested me to find a water source. I am confused." I clarified my confusion.

"Son , this happens with everyone. What do you see all around?" He asked me.

"Desert." I reverted.

"This is not desert. This is one of the unfavorable phases of your life. You are in trouble. If you stay here for a long time, you will get thirsty. Right?" The saint analyzed my reaction.


"To get out of this situation, you have three options- Listen to logic, perception and conscience. Logic suggested to stay here, but it is an uncertain solution. Car may not come. See how narrow this road is! Perception suggested you to find a water source, but it is a temporary solution. You may find a water source, but what about food? You can't survive, only with water. I told you to follow this road. There is a city at the end of this road. Road is not too lengthy. You would reach the city within an hour. I am with you during this journey."The monk explained his point.

"But, how can I trust you?" I queried.

  "Son, this too happens to every common person. When it comes to follow your conscience, every one doesn't have faith in it. You know, Charles Darwin didn't know what to do with his life. His perception suggested him to become a priest, but he still didn't listen to his conscience. His logic told him to study divinity at Cambridge in order to become a priest. But still conscience wasn't in picture. Finally when he listened to me, he went to Galapagos islands and traveled to various places to observe living beings. He has become immortal by introducing 'On the origin of species.'" The 3rd monk explained.
                         Did you get what the 3rd monk wanted to suggest? Always follow your conscience. Logic and perception may mislead, but conscience would never. All the great people follow their conscience. They don't believe in temporary solutions. We often question our own conscience, when conscience tells us to follow it. When great people say 'heart', it is actually conscience. Conscience knows who you exactly are, and what you can become in your life. And yes, conscience stays with us till death!


The philisophy of Hinduism

                             Sometimes, I think how ignorant this entire world is about Hinduism. Hinduism which is one of the oldest religion, is also one of the most tolerant religion. We believe in 'Sarva dharma sambhav" which means equal respect to all religions. We believe in 'Vasudhaiv kutumbakam" which means whole world is a family. We also believe in 'Truth is one, paths are many." So if you are a Christian & going to a church, that's your path of worshiping the truth. Jesus is the truth. His message to the world is the truth. If you are a Muslim & going to a Mosque, that's your path of worshiping the truth. Allah is the truth. Hinduism is not a religion, it is a way of life. There are no restrictions. We are actually not Hindus, initially our culture was called 'Sanatana dharma'. Sanatana means immortal. Dharma means ethics not religion. Any one, who thinks Hinduism is all about worshiping idols, must change his opinion. Let me share the core-philosophy of Hinduism from some of the holy scriptures of Hinduism.
                            "Life and death, joy and sorrow, gain and loss; These dualities cannot be avoided. Learn to accept what you cannot change."
-the Ramayana   
                             The aforementioned quote is form 'Ramayana'. It teaches us to experience the dualities of life. No man only lives with happiness. Humans have to deal with joy & sorrow. If you cannot change something, learn to accept it.
                             “Yogah, Chitta Vrithi Nirodhah”- Yoga is the control of thought waves in the mind.            
                             Now, we invented yoga. Yoga is the method to stay healthy & if you ask me to explain yoga in depth, I must say- Yoga is the method to conquer your senses. It has been illuminated in Hindu scriptures that before you conquer others, conquer your own senses. Once you conquer them, you will win over others by wining their hearts.
                             “If you want to see the brave, look at those who can forgive"                         - Bhagwad Geeta
                      It is apparent that only a brave person can forgive. The person who is weak, can only beg for the forgiveness. So forgiveness is an ornament of the courageous person.
                         If I am a hindu, I am a muslim, christian, jew, budhdhist at the same time. I do not need to convert myself. I am the follower of all the religions on this planet. As I mentioned, Hinduism is not a religion. It is the way of life. The way you live your life. Whether you believe in god or not. Whether you believe in idols  or not. Whether you are a Hindu or not, It never matters. It is a relentless search of truth. The ultimate truth as I often wonder is- What is the purpose behind creation of this Universe? There must be a purpose.... Let's find it out!      


People who influenced my thinking(series)- Osho


                           Osho has greatly altered my thinking. My father believes in the philosophy of Osho. My dad used to listen songs, dance on it, he became more open-minded, we started discussing issues like I discuss with my friends. So naturally, I desired to know what is that in this man(Osho) which makes my father so charming? I generally avoid to listen to or read anything about people who look like sadhus, babas.. so I avoided books based on his speeches. One day, I had nothing for time pass, so thought let's read it. Osho had not written a single book, all the books are based on this great man's speeches. He used to dress like Dumbledore(Harry Potter). He was a free thinker. He said think beyond religions. Religions are there to bound your thinking. Every question will eventually come to an answer- 'God'. Think scientifically. I recommend you to read his books or just listen to him. He opposed 'Ladies first'. Why? Because if you are standing in a queue & waiting for your turn. You suddenly see a woman behind you & you say,"Ladies first' & leave your position.... this conveys wrong message to society. This conveys that women are not strong enough to occupy their own position. So stop saying 'Ladies first'. it's actually contrary to the women empowerment.. He is no more among us.. sad. He was given poison by American government. He built a small town 'Rajanishpuram' in America. Rajanish is the real name of Osho. Rajanishpuram(google it) was the first of its kind. Let me share some quotes-                                     

“Experience life in all possible ways --
good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light,
summer-winter. Experience all the dualities.
Don't be afraid of experience, because
the more experience you have, the more
mature you become.”
― Osho

“Listen to your being. It is continuously giving you hints; it is a still, small voice. It does not shout at you, that is true. And if you are a little silent you will start feeling your way. Be the person you are. Never try to be another, and you will become mature. Maturity is accepting the responsibility of being oneself, whatsoever the cost. Risking all to be oneself, that's what maturity is all about.”
― Osho

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.
Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.
So if you love a flower, let it be.
Love is not about possession.
Love is about appreciation.”
― Osho

“Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.”
― Osho

"The real question is not whether life exists after death. The real question is whether you are alive before death."


Indians! Reread the history.... part-1

                               Sometimes I feel I should have ripped off the history books that I was told to learn by heart in earlier grades in school. The past glory of India was not taught to us. We lack information about how great we were. But why it is important to know past glory? The logic is if we were that great then greatness is in our DNA. We can be great again! After getting into a college, I thought now it is the time to wake Indians up. Because now people would take my point of view more seriously! I have been looking for some historical documents for last two months to prove that we were not poor, dirty & ignorant before English took over India. So here is a small article on how great you were! Darshil reporting,

                              We developed world's first script- Brahmi script! We taught entire world how to write! Isn't that important to teach to our students? You have been taught that India was full of fools who believed in idols & prayed in front of it, but India was far more greater than you think. The best ever algorithm in computer science has been accomplished in Sanskrit language! Did you know that? No other culture has delivered mythology such as 'Ramayana' & 'Mahabharata', comprehending lakhs of shloks. I don't conceive Ram & Krishna as super natural being, but consider the imagination of writers! Aryabhatta first introduced zero, you know that.

                             Women! Women were incredibly respected in Indian society. In ancient times, Women were appointed as Acharya(Headmistress) of Vidhyapiths. How liberal our society was! This discrimination against women, had come in India through 'Macaulay education system'(I will expose it in next post.). We have been taught how reluctant our forefathers were to women independence. But actually America, England, Finland & many western countries had not allowed women to vote prior to 1950s. Western philosophy says women do not have soul, they are things as a table, a chair, a pencil! You can use them & throw! This is western philosophy. Over the time, we have studied that Indians were backward & we believed in 'Sati' tradition.

We found Algebra, then we taught it to Arabs & Arabs conveyed it to Europe. We had geniuses like Aryabhatta, Sushrut, Charak, Bhaskaracharya, Panini, Vatsyayan, Chankya, Bagbhatt, Valmiki, Vedvyas, Swami Vivekananda & most important thing is they didn't have degrees! This entire system of evaluating other people is a bullshit! Every single person is incomplete & when you are incomplete, you have no right to evaluate other people. This is what our ancient philosophy says. Several parts would be there in this series to educate Indians the real history that they(90% people) do not know.......


Love- I am utterly confused


Dear love,
           I am utterly confused about your behaviour. What is your tendency? Even geniuses fail when it comes to love! Today I am writing this letter just to inform you that time has come to clarify your stand. There are some unwritten rules & people have been following it conventionally. One of them is only boys propose the girls! Who formulated that rule? Whoever formed that must have avoided a part of people who are shy! Who can love but can't express their feelings. There should be reservation for such people. Same as we see in education system. There should be an unwritten rule that girls should propose such boys.
       Love, don't you think frauds are common now a days. People use your name, make relationship & when it comes to responsibility ,they decamp. To me, love means care- you take care of your partner, responsibility- you consider some responsibilities like meeting, calling frequently, etc. , equality- no one in love is superior or inferior... both are equal!, promise- you might think it's a part of responsibility, but it's a different thing. In love, promise is not an agreement or a warranty, but it's a group of words that you would like to keep without any unwillingness, understanding- without it world can't exist! Understanding doesn't mean after break up you choose another girl & I will choose another boy, but it does mean you understand something before loved one say it, respect- you must give respect to your partner, it never means you should add "Ma'am"  before her name or "sir" before his name, it says you respect the choice of your partner, keeping in mind that one of them is you!
         Recently my friend faced break up. I don't know whether it can be called a break up or not! Because he never knew that the girl with whom he used to chat & dream of making relations, liked him or not. That girl is in China(She is indian) & my friend is in India. We used to tease them in school days... it affected their minds, my friend started thinking of her as his lover & he took it seriously. He got happy when he recieved positive response from that girl! They would talk about their relations, the obstacles & happy life! He was very happy. He happily showed me his message history one day on whatsapp.. he cracked jokes & she laughed... it happens in all the relationships... one day he said- How do you feel when a girl, after almost 3 months of good chatting life, dump you? I got shocked! I got to know that chatting with my friend didn't mean more than a 'Time Pass' to her! At the same time she was committed with other guy.... love, can you tell me why it happens? This is just a small & less sensitive case, there are cases which end up in suicide or murder. Fruad cases are against both of the genders.... male & female!
      My mom said love involves risk, as a boy you have to take risk one day. I said-"Mom, I can't. I am afraid that she might not talk with me any more." The reply of my mom is worth noting- "Son, either you take risk, propse a girl & become happy or you regret throughout your life!" Those words are still in my mind! It's easy for many people, but tough for me & the people like me.
        I think you will get my point & I am eagerly looking forward to your reply.
Truly your believer,
Darshil Shah.


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